Windows 8.1: How to remove Start Button?

I was happy that the Start Button is back for those who claimed for this... But I was expecting that MS would give us an option to live without this thing, but I couldn't find a way to remove it. I'm still glad that they listened the people and put it back, but me, myself, I DON'T WANT THIS. And if they're putting it back, they have to give us an option to hide or remove it completely.

The first days with Windows 8, I missed the button and the menu... But now it's useless (and I'm not talking just by me. I really think it's useless and people who claimed for this button should get a life or more job to do).

I'm getting redundant, but I really want a way to hide or remove the start button.

And think: If I'm hating this on my desktop, imagine how I will feel when I buy a tablet.