Simple, one-handed (not necessarily) games, anyone?

so here's the deal. I own - as some of you may know, or not - a small 3" Xperia mini pro. I've been using it for over a year, I love it and I'm not going to upgrade to anything else for another year or two.


because of the screen (which in other aspects is perfect for me, I can easily use it with one hand and so one) it's hard to play all of these fancy RPG games, or GTA or anything like that. not that I miss those, no. that kind of games belongs - in my opinion - to PCs and consoles. also, 350 MB of internal memory doesn't allow for shoving too many big games into it (I've recently began playing with sd-ext partition, but I don't want to put too much stuff on it, so that I won't kill my SD card too soon). also, well, 512 MB of RAM and single-core 1 GHz CPU...

anyway, I'm looking for some simple games, playable with one or two fingers. well, when I mean "simple", I don't mean "for dummies", I like to train my memory, reflex and so on.

for example, those are the games I recently found and I love them all:

Ball Maze - I don't have much patience for it, but when I finally get through a level, it Feels Good Inc.; although by that time I'm too tired to proceed to another level, not enough practice I guess.

Blurry Defense - well OK, it isn't a simple game, but it still doesn't involve lots of microscopic buttons to tap quickly, so it's fine. and I love Tower Defense genre. I liked Jelly Defense too, but it did involve lots of microscopic buttons to tap, so I gave up.

Charlie Hop - it's pretty, it's easy to understand, it's got moustache, it's great.

Doublemill 2 - from the description it looks like it's an implementation of some popular game, I haven't played it before though, but it's got neat, simple design (#HOLOYOLO) and it's an interesting challenge for me.

Dragon, Fly! - OK, I didn't find it recently, but I rediscovered it and still like it. you are a little dragon, you run away from your mum, tapping the screen brings you down and allows to get speed on a slope, releasing the - um - screen in the right moment gets you back in the air. also, your dragon mum will always catch up with you in the end, so it's also an educational game.

Gear Jack - simple jump-and-roll runner with great graphics and music. I've been also pretty fond of Stylish Sprint.

GYRO - I love it. I love it I love it. I want more games like this one, looking simple but getting frustrating after several minutes of playing

Jetpack Joyride - well, I've played it a lot some time ago, but after completing all the missions several times in a row I got bored. still, it's been fun.

Nono Logix - I've spent hours solving those kind of pictures during my W810 days and I still can't get enough!

Slydris - like Tetris, but better (it should be its official slogan). I've also tried CRUSH by the same dev, but I didn't like it as much

Quento - addition and substraction with a twist

Trid - recreating the shown pattern on a 3x3 grid seems easy, but not when the pattern begins to rotate. or fade.

so, that's my current list. does anyone know some other games I (or people with similar taste) might like? :)