Sometimes, Samsung is too much accustomed to copying Apple

I'm not one of those people to call out "COPY" when the products clearly aren't that similiar. I thought the Galaxy S was very much towards the copy side but I felt that there were enough changes to warrant it not being a copy, but rather a product that took great inspiration from the iPhone 3G/S.

However this media player of Samsung is a blatand rip-off. There are some differences in the way that Samsung included a hideous speaker and placed the front facing camera on the right upper side instead of the middle but these are strikingly similiar devices.

Samsung is nearly always displaying their products in black, and recently pebble blue. White wasn't really popular with Samsung until Galaxy S4, and this media player came out way before so the color choice is not what Samsung usually chooses.

I wonder why Apple hasn't included this device in the lawsuit.