WP8 change vertical/horizontal

Ok guys so ever since windows phone came out, this question has been killing me. Why does windows phone scroll vertically? It doesn't seem to make sense. For the same amount of distance scrolled you could get more info if you scrolled left to right for the live tiles, in the same way that win8 does it. For instance, if you scroll the distance of 1 small tile, vertically you only see 4 new tiles, but horizontally you would see about 6 new ones (does this description make sense). In addition this would create more conformity among the product line. Meanwhile swiping up would be for apps, just like it is in win8.1 Does anyone else think this makes more sense? Is windows phone just being different for the sake of being different? I've seen people with extremely long homescreens and it just isn't productive at that point. What are your opinions?