Why does Apple get a pass on the iPhone's Home Button ?

The iPhone's Home Button seems like a critical design flaw to me ,in the sense that it is so prone to failure and that now you almost know it's going to fail eventually. I've used iPhone ,iPhone 3G ,iPhone 4 and now iPhone 5 and the home button on the first 3 iPhones failed after 1-1.5 years of usage. iPhone 4's home button failed and became unresponsive after just 11 months of use because now the multitasking required you to double click the button all the time. Seriously ,can you honestly expect any physical button to last long if you use it like you do on the iphone ? Multitasking ,Siri etc etc. I've had the 5 since launch day and the only reason my home button has held up is because i jailbroke it and used ZEPHYR. Why can't Apple implement something as awesome as Zephyr ? For those who don't know ,Zephyr allows you to slide up to close Apps and slide up and hold to open the Multitasking bar. It's so awesome and it's made using the iPhone much more easy compared to the button mashing ,thumb destroying and frustrating way of the Home Button.

So what do you think ? Why isn't there any pressure on Apple to change the freaking home button to something more durable or introduce a gesture for heaven's sake ?!