HP new TouchSmart laptops, confused

In the article May 23, HP redesigns Envy and Pavilion laptops for 2013, including one with a 3200 x 1800 screen, the new HP Envy TouchSmart laptops were previewed. Ever since I have been watching the launch of these new laptops, specifically the previewed HP Envy TouchSmart 14.

HP Envy TouchSmart 14 as previewed by The Verge

I am confused as the HP website now sells the HP Envy TouchSmart 15, but not the 14. When I look further, I notice that they also now sell a new HP Envy 14 Sleekbook, that appears to have a touchscreen in the screenshots, but is not detailed as such in the tech-specifications. Has the previewed Envy TouchSmart 14 been eliminated from the roadmap and replaced with this Sleekbook variation? Additional confusion arises as I can't manage to find the 14 inch Sleekbook through their webstore menu navigation, only via a shared Facebook link: http://bit.ly/13z8CS2

  • Is the HP Envy 14 TouchSmart still coming out?
  • Or has it been replaced with this non-touchscreen Sleekbook?