One thing that Sucks on WP from the beginning!

& that is…


I'm using WP since its inception & I just love the Windows Phone (both OS & Nokia Hardware). Everything is improved with updates from WP7 to WP8 but the damn notifications just sucks on any windows platform (WP7, 7.5 & WP8).

Take any messaging or social app., notifications are appearing with long delays! Sometimes it took a day to appear. Sometimes it keep appearing even after I read the message! This is happening with every major app like Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp (Worst ever), IM+, hike, etc..! Even MS's official Skype is having problems with notifications. In every app's review in the WP store, there is a comment complaining about notifications.!

Thank god that FB chat is integrated into OS which is the only way I can chat with the my friends reliably.!!! Hope MS is aware & will fix this with WP8.1