48 Hours I'm almost sold


AC received the above photo for the new Razor Maxx HD or whatever it's going to be called. It's touting that the phone will have 48 Hours + battery life. I'm pretty much over my phone dying or me having to constantly make sure I'm not on it to much. In my personal use case I work from my phone and do a TON on texting and emailing and calling. (Maybe I need a blackberry?) ..... Nah never. Anyways. I've always thought Moto made beautiful phones but what kills me everytime is the effing screen they use. The displays on their devices literally give me death. Lastly VZW has such a grip on their devices that Moto is not really seen on any other carrier. I was hoping Google would change that. I'm strangely in the market for a new phone. I know I just got this one. Don't judge me. I was hoping to get the next nexus but I'm thinking more about battery life and the display as a priority this time around. Not "Omg the metal is so pretty with the diamond cut edges". ..

I'm sure the new Moto devices should get updates considering it's a Google company now. I'm almost sold.... Almost.