With help, We worked it out - A Tale that Reunited Us


Don't kill me, I know some of you may be thinking ("Here we go again another post from Xavier bashing his HTC One") - But this time it's different this time I bring great news.

So for those who don't know, here's a little history. The One is the first phone I've ever pre-ordered to have the day of release. It's also the first phone I planned on keeping for 2 full years or a year and 9 months. I bought it for 5 reason, and five reasons only.

  • The Display (I was tired of 720 on Amoled on the GS3 looking Horrid, I wanted to know what 1080p was like. I watch a lot of movies and my TV shows like "Mistresses" from Google Play)
  • Beats/Boomsound (I was over the wack sound quality of phones, for headphones and the actual phone output from speakers, dedicated dual amps were a blessing)
  • The Camera (I just liked it the best out of all the ones I tested especially the low light, I was missing the awesome camera I had when I had an iPhone around me)
  • Blinkfeed/Sense (Blinkfeed was at the top of the list of why I wanted this phone, I thought it was soooo awesome and innovative, to this day I absolutely love my Blinkfeed and that's the reason besides the screen that I have held on to the One this long. Lastly I love the way Sense looks on the UI menus.) Can't wait for my blinkfeed upgrade on 4.3. Happy to see HTC adding it to their newer phones, hopefully that means continued and enhanced support.
  • Design (All metal, Diamond cut edges, unibody, ARE YOU SERIOUS?? Instant buy! When I saw it, I said wow that's beautiful)

But then, when "Blinky" (Yes I named my phone Blinky in honor of blinkfeed, don't judge me. . . I can feel you judging me) and I first met it kind-of went down hill. I received Blinky in the mail, and after 3 days my life became a living..... HELL. We started arguing about weigh issues, heat issues, energy issues, and for the first time about a week ago Blinky picked a fight with me and LAGGED in that horrid app drawer by HTC!! I thought our relationship was coming to an end. I did not want to use the Sense Launcher, I HATE IT! I wanted to use Nova. However if I use Nova I don't have one click access to Blinkfeed which killed me everyday. I kept going back and forth. So Blinky and I talked and we decided that we were better than this, we met our home replacement counselor AKA (NOVA LAUNCHER PRIME) and tried to figure some things out. I recommend Nova to everyone, they charged us a fair price for our home replacement therapy sessions (Do I sound crazy yet?). - Nova was the last piece to the puzzle to keep us happy and together. Here's how we solved our problems.

  • Heat Issues - I bought a case, an awesome case. I case that I could not get off for days. Bye bye heat, I also noticed the phone only get's hot when I'm doing a lot of things and power saver mode is on. When I turn it off, it seems to cool down. I don't know how that works but whatever. The case also took care of those sharp edges, which I may have just gotten use to.
  • Sense Launcher - I love EVERYTHING about Sense, except that launcher and that RATCHET app drawer. HTC was on some stuff when they designed that mess. So I installed Nova Launcher Prime. Yay swipe down gestures for notifications, and swipe-up for multitasking, even tho double tap is crazy easy and fast.
  • Battery Charge Time - I got a different charger, and now the charge time is great, a lot faster than what it was. HTC, . . . your chargers SUCK. I don't want you to try and make my battery life cycle last, I'm sure two years is fine, give me back Snapdragon quick charge or give me death. (Ok, it's not that serious) But like I said another charger fixed that.
  • Battery Life- I went into my Sync settings and saw that the phone was syncing like every 20 mins, I mean it was syncing all types of stuff, and some apps were draining the life out of it. I did this after talking to KFW and he told me about his activity, we pretty much do the same sh*t on our phone so clearly the issue was me. (Sorry for spreading lies about your battery life HTC. . . it still could be better however)
  • BLINKFEED - If you like it then you should've put a ring on it (Or in this case a gesture that looks like a ring on it) Today I took a break from my annoyingly horrible schedule and messed with my phone, I just knew there was a easier way to get to blinkfeed without switching launchers. Nova was the key. I have had Nova all along. I just wanted to be able to swipe-up from the app drawer button and access it. The option was buried. Shortcut>Activities>HTC Sense. All along I had been looking for "Blinkfeed" - But I was only half way there, next you have to go into Sense Launcher and delete every home screen and leave blinkfeed (Not that you have a choice), then you set Nova as the default and there ya go!

It's beautiful, I just swipe up and I get the smoothest animation, no lag what so ever and there's blinkfeed ready for me. Updated and everything. Bye bye Scope.
So yea, that's our story. I think we will be happy now, and I can finally stop shopping for phones that I clearly don't want, I can finally stop hating Android and OEM's for not giving me my perfect all metal phone with the Diamond cuts, Sense (although they can keep the launcher). I can finally be 100% happy with my purchase.

.......Now where's 4.3.