The lack of a Start button – just change issues or a real problem?

A lot of words have been said and many more have been written about this topic since Windows 8 came to life.

Articles and opinions varied from defensive, offensive, rude and even such radical ones to suggest Microsoft is trying to kill the Desktop and this is step 1 of the process.

Well, as most of the Windows community, I am still using Windows 7 on my primary machine and at work. Despite this fact I use the Start button only once per session and actually use the Windows key instead of clicking on the actual button.

The one task I use it for can be found by pressing the Windows key, then the right arrow and finally Enter. I hope you didn’t try it since this will lead to shutting down your PC/laptop.

For more than 2 years now I have all the apps and games that I use/play pinned to the taskbar. I have disabled even the icons on the desktop as I like to see the wallpaper instead of a multitude of apps and files that remind me I have to check and rearrange or delete them.

The great thing about having the apps pinned to the taskbar is that they are always where you expect them to be, not a bit to the left or to the right but exactly on the same spot every time you look for them.

I also happen to use apps that are not pinned to the taskbar but here I follow one of two approaches:

1. Use Win key + R shortcut to open the Run window (normally for calc, mspaint or cmd) or

2. Use Win key + E to open Windows Explorer and find the app or file that I need (mostly for files)

I have gotten so used to using keyboard shortcuts and pinned apps that I see the usage of the Star button and menu as a complete waste of time.

So, are you a power Start button user? Have you tried not to use it so much? Is there a specific functionality that you need from it? Please share…

PS. Here are several useful shortcuts:

Win key + L – lock machine; Win key + F – Find; Win key + P – manage multiple displays (Windows 7 & 8 only); Left Alt + F4 – close app (if applied on the desktop will shows the classic shut down menu); Ctrl + F4 – close window; Ctrl + P – print; Ctrl + F – find in the specific app; F3 – also for find; F2 – rename (edit cell contents in Excel); F1 – help; F5 – refresh (in IE), Go To (in Office); F6 – switch between address bar, menu and web page items in IE; F11 – full screen toggle in IE (or go through comments while on The Verge); F12 – Save As in Office.