Looking For Advice On Tablets

I am looking to spend some money on a nice tablet. I don't think I would like to spend more than 800 dollars on the device. I am going to use it for work and play. For work I would like to take notes record meetings and have a keyboard dock with battery extension if possible. For play I intend to use it in conjunction with my Xbox 360 and the X1 when it comes out. This will be my first real tablet purchase (I bought a $200 one that I threw out my window from frustration). I want something that is smooth, good graphics, and something that can last me a couple years. I am already in the Android Ecosystem so if there is something there that is good as well please let me know. I am not interested in Apple or Amazon. Sorry. So ya, MS or Android tablets only please. Also this is not a "I need it RIGHT now" kind of thing. If there is something coming out this summer I can wait. The last time I researched was back when the transformer Prime was out and everyone was loving it. Does Asus still make great tablets? Thanks for any advice in advance.