What are your favorite video game console designs?

If I had to rank my favorite console designs the first one for me would be the Sega Dreamcast. Dreamcast_medium

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I loved this design it was nice and compact. I also loved how the controller incorporated the design as well. Yes the controller is kind of large compared to controllers today, but I still love it. My other favorite design is the white Xbox 360 used from 2005-early 2010. I just really liked it. It seemed so much nicer looking than the original Xbox. I really enjoyed the fact it came in white. Seems like too many things are black these days, so I liked that it was white. I really just enjoyed the whole rounded look it has. Xbox-360-arcade_medium

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My other favorite console design has to be the Play Station 3. Playstation-3-oficial_medium

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I love that it was based of a building in Japan. Yet I also love to me it just shouts fanciness, and it seems so imposing. At least the original does. To me just evoked luxury, and style.