Verge Video should be a one-stop shop for video

The idea of making a Verge Video site is a good one in theory, since you make so much video content already, however in reality, it's a really weird part of the site.

Surely Verge Video should be a one-stop shop for video. If a video is happening, I should be able to go to right? Yet it isn't.

If there's a livestream, it's rarely, if ever, on the homepage of Verge Video. Instant Replays usually take a few hours to be posted there too. Which all really begs the question: what's the point of a video hub if it isn't a hub, but just a glorified YouTube channel.

Also, I hope you guys reconsider using a grey background on the site, especially if an upcoming Verge redesign happens. It's super ugly on Polygon imo, whereas SBNation looks really nice with a slightly-grey white.