Someone Make An App to Help 'Cheat' at Vine

The one thing that separates great vines from normal vines is sound. specifically, external, pre-recorded sounds. The best viners use microphone-in cables, but Android gives us another option.

Android has a permission for drawing over top of other apps. It lets accessibility apps read your touches in other apps (this is how TalkBack works). Using this, it is totally possible to make an app that listens for touches in other apps (like vine or instavideo) and plays a soundtrack when you're touching the screen and pauses when you aren't. This would allow you to sync a soundtrack perfectly with a vine, or have a song play smoothly over really fast jump cuts.

The best possible version would trick vine into thinking that the track is playing through the mic, but i don't think that is possible without root. For un-rooted users, duct taping the headphones to the mic from an old headset is totally workable, its not like you use the one that came with your phone anyway.

Will this solve the choppy, glitchy shooting experience? No. Is this 'cheating' at vine? Maybe. Is it using all the tools our platform gives us? Definitely.

I know there are developers lurking in this forum, would this work?