A certain app announcement won't fix the WP Ecosystem

On the Mobile Show this week, it was briefly mentioned that there were 'major app announcements' coming at Nokia's EOS event tomorrow. Given Nokia's public begging and the fact that they're launching a beastly cameraphone, i think it's a safe bet that Instagram is coming to windows phone tomorrow. It goes without saying that this is awesome. Every single third party Instagram app for WP8 is awful (and yes I tried every single one I could find). Having an official option give users the benefit of a better app, and it lets developers build their own apps instead of trying to fill facebook's shoes. That said, having instagram won't magically transform Microsoft's ecosystem from a 6 to a 10.

Microsoft can crow all they like about how many of the top 50 apps are on their platform in some form or another, but when the next big thing comes, it won't be on windows phone. Its not just the raw numbers, Its not just the quality, its not even just the apps that users want right now, its the confidence that they'll get the apps they want tomorrow. Windows phone has a really long way to go.