Now That Everyone Has a Tablet, Will We See More Crazy Phone Designs?

One of the most useful things about getting a nexus 7 is that I watch less video and read less on my Galaxy Nexus. Reading/watching youtube with my phone on my couch now triggers an instinctive "Go grab your N7, dummy" response. This gives me a better reading/watching experience and dramatically better battery life from my phone because I use it far less. I think as tablet adoption goes up, we'll probably start to see phones shrinking again, on their way back towards the invisible space, or at least towards the ~4" space.

The only reason I still need the gigantic totally tiny 4.65" display is typing. its just easier on bigger screens, or more to the point, its easier on wider screens.

Is it time for square screens to make a comeback? Are we ready for a 4:3, phone? Not that horrifying LG thing that verizon put out, but imagine if it was a 4" device. If you resign yourself to rarely watching video, you could easily ditch the standard 16:9/16:10 form factor and get by with a phone that is half the size of an htc One. These tiny phones would be much easier to reach every part of the display, while still being wide enough to actually type on. They'd slot nicely into a pocket, and be easier to not drop because there would be less leverage.

List-based apps, like twitter, would require more scrolling, but I'm not convinced that would ruin the experience, while music players would need less empty vertical space surrounding square album art.

I'm surprised nobody was pushing this at CES/MWC, the message is mostly 'why buy a tablet and a phone when you can have a monstrosity in your pocket" rather than " buy our totally manageable phone and our cheap tablet and get the best of both worlds".