How to ruin a phone's aesthetic with crappy branding

Alleged pictures of the Moto X have given me pause. Plenty of people are upset about the rumored low specs, but others, a small minority, have noticed from the leaked photos a beautiful front with a major scar: That Motorola logo.



Man is that one atrocious logo, especially considering the photos of the back suggest a logo there too. Well, a lot of it is still speculation, but I figured I would turn my attention to other phones with ridiculous carrier or manufacturer logos and see where we've made the same mistake many times.

In recent times, I think the most egregious example of this is likely the Note II for Verizon:



The Verizon logo on the button is really so astonishingly bad, it's almost criminal.

What are some other phones that have outrageous or just ugly carrier and manufacturer logos stamped on front?