New Google maps update copies Bing Local Scout big time?

its a carbon copy of Bing Local Scout which has been on wp7 for more than 2 years.

-the new 5 point scale

-the interface with map preview above title of location.

-eat and drink

i havent even looked at all the pics and features of the new update, literally just scanned it, and ive already noticed a crap load of copied segments.

does it matter that google copied? no, its them conceding that microsoft came up with a better solution. My main gripe is the android fanbots that have thrown windows phone under the bus for years with thier "feature checklists" and saying "google maps > bing maps" when that clearly was never the case, as us windows phone users have used innovative features like local scout for years while android user had to dwell with their useless 30 point scale reviews and fugly typography....

anyways, rant over, Id like to hear from other microsoft fans if they see any other copied features, im sure i missed a ton since i didnt even look thoroughly through i just scanned through 3 photos and got a plethora of copies that google made.