Will "Metro" share the same fate as iOS?

Well, I've thought of this for more than a year ago but I only decided to post this now so here it goes.

People started calling iOS "stale" when Android upped its game with Ice Cream Sandwich. It became more prominent when Apple released iOS 6 with very minor changes. People demanded for change and Apple followed. I'm wondering if Metro would see this comment in a few years and with that, I don't know how MS would react.

Well, just because I'm comparing to iOS doesn't mean that I'm only talking about mobile devices and that's why I used the term "Metro" (I don't care if it isn't valid anymore). Metro is the UI used by MS in all their products. MS wants a uniform UI in all their platforms so that users will be familiar to every platform.

For me, I think, based on what I see on the comments section of the blogs I follow, desktop users generally want a familiar experience. They don't want drastic changes, thus, the negative reception of Windows 8. On the other hand, when it comes to smartphones, people want little changes every now and then.

Android is safe to these kind of comments because it's highly customizable and even manufacturers have different skins so Android is never stale and will never be. WP on the other hand allows very little customization in terms of look. This is because MS set a definite UI, which is Metro. Although Android has Holo, it still is very customizable and apps don't need to follow the same UI, they can be unique. In WP8, it's very hard to be unique because of Metro.

When The Verge posts articles about WP8, iOS or Android, more often than not, I see fanwars and some statements about the negative side of each OS. Some users say that they already used WP and got bored after some time. Actually I see a lot of that. Although it's a fresh OS, very different from the other two, it's uniformity sometimes gets into the users. You don't find much difference, it's mostly the same for each.

The problem is MS already implemented Metro in all their platforms. How are they gonna change WP without changing Metro? If they changed WP's UI, they'll not only invalidate their concept of uniformity across all products, they'll also face a greater app problem because devs need to adjust their apps. The only solution I see to this is to allow more customizations, little by little, so that it'll also be safe from being "stale".

What do you guys think?