Apple, working conditions, public at large

So this is very much a long-dead horse, but I need to vent.

The company I work for recently launched an iPad app. There's been a few inquiries if/when an Android version may be available, which is fine and totally understandable - we're just happy people are showing an interest.

But, what really made my day is someone writing this: "Hi, do you have an Android version available? I do not support 'i' devices because of how Apple treats it's workers."

I'm always saddened when I get reminded that the general public at large really doesn't read past the headline and misses minor points like everything is getting made by Foxconn. And I can guarantee this person hasn't been holding off to buy Moto's assembled-in-the-USA phone.

-- I should add, that, Yes, Apple could of course treat their workers better, but they treat their workers just as well as any other large electronics manufacturer, if not a fair bit better better.