299$ for Lumia 1020 ! Wait .. What ?? Why Nokia ???

I was also one of the persons really waiting for the 41 MP Windows Phone and it finally arried and it seems to exceed my expectations from what i have seen.

BUT 299$ on contract?? Seriously?? I might buy it still !! But will the millions of iphone and Galaxy S4 buyers go for it when a more well known and popular device is available for 100$ cheaper !!

I really expected this to retail at 199$ like the iphone 5 and Galaxy S4 ( I know that is for 16GB model but most consumers simply don't care and just see the 199$ price tag and buy it off).

About half the people who would have bought this phone will now probably buy an iphone 5 or a galaxy S4. Shame on you Nokia. You delivered a SuperCameraSmartphone and yet fucked up the pricing when it really mattered !!