Your Favorite (lesser known) Games on iOS?

I say "lesser known" to encourage naming titles other than widely known ones like Angry Birds, Tiny Wings, Infinity Blade, Cut the Rope, LetterPress, Clash of Clans, Words with Friends, Candy Crush, etc... that everyone and their grandmother has played already. We have had a bunch of "Best iOS Games" threads, but we usually tend to list titles that are widely appreciated by the general iOS population that fall under the "Essential Apps for iOS Newcomers" category. What about some other games that usually don't make those lists?

I use the term loosely, because there can still be games that are considered popular or well known, but aren't necessarily titles that everyone has bothered giving a second look at.

my current list of Best iOS Games that I feel more people need to play:

  1. Beat Sneak Bandit (iPad)
  2. Coaster Crazy
  3. Unmechanical
  4. Arc Squadron
  5. Gasketball
  6. DeathSmiles
  7. DoDonPachi series
  8. Perfect Cell
  9. Splice: Tree of Life
  10. EDGE Extended
what's yours?