The false Allure of Haptic feedback.

In a post I made over the iPhone's home button , a lot of people suggested that they much prefer the physical feel of the button and the feedback they get when they click it. I think it's more of a psychological thing than any thing pertaining to functionality. Also ,this insistence on physical keys and buttons has drove some phone makers into the ground. Blackberry maker RIM refused to make Touch phones and is now in ruins.

The Old Generation

I think the older people have a big hand in this. The one's who have grown up being used to Keyboards and Mice have a physical need for haptic feedback ,hence some of them insist that the iPhone retain it's home button when touch gestures can easily replace it.

The myth of accidental button 'pushing'.

Several Android phones now have well designed Capacitive buttons which aren't just accidentally hit ,it's high time that we discard this argument. Furthermore ,one can easily turn the phone on with Capacitive buttons and there's no need for a physical home button.

Finally ,typing on a touch keyboard isn't all bad. We've never even tried a full size touch keyboard.The keyboard is probably much more ergonomic then a physical one where you mash the buttons with force.