Android Enthusiast Considers Switching To WP... Help?

Hey guys, so the Lumia 1020 announcement this morning has me seriously mulling over the notion of jumping ship to WP. However, I have a few questions regarding its functionality that I have to find answers to before I can fully consider it, and lord knows the local AT&T store employee will be woefully unable to help. Let me know if you know any of this information firsthand. Would greatly appreciate it!

  1. Are you able to save files directly from email on WP? One of my most-beloved features from Android is that I can save an MP3 directly from my gmail to the phone itself (not the streaming limbo that iOS users get stuck in). I work in music so little things like this are a must-have.
  2. Is there a Dropbox app/Dropbox accessibility for WP yet? Again, I work in music, and everyone uses Dropbox. I really need to be able to access, manage, and download files from my mobile device.
  3. Did WP ever get the gmail/google calender syncing issues sorted out?
  4. Are Nokia Here maps really a viable alternative to Google Maps?
  5. Has anyone on here made the switch from a Nexus device to a WP device? Curious to hear firsthand thoughts.
Thank you again for any help you guys might have with this!