Brand new iOS user, need info on iPad apps

I have never used iOS before and have been sold an iPad (3rd gen, 64GB) as the person has just bought an iPad mini for themselves.

Due to the fact I have never used iOS before, I wondered if someone could point me towards what apps to get. I have a Windows Phone so my app knowledge is

Bearing in mind that I have a laptop (Sony Vaio) so any 'work' I'll be more inclined to use that than the iPad, so it's mostly for recreational use.

If anyone could point me in the direction of what apps I should download.

Must Have:





Apps that I know about that I will want to download are:

Paper, Flipboard, Candy Crush, Temple Run 2, Infinity Blade II, Bad Piggies, Punch Quest, The Verge (lol), Instagram, Vine, Google Now (I assume its on iPad as well as iPhone)

Btw, I'm aware of the free apps that Apple is giving away due to the 5th year : D