No source, no story.

I'm getting a little tired of these articles about the NSA and the flavor company of the week that don't show a valid source. Microsoft in this instance.

You have an original article by the Guardian where the author cherry picks some information out of a bulletin that likely doesn't nearly show the level of information required to make a truly accurate claim. The author then repeatedly refuses to show even screenshots of said bulletin on twitter. Then this rag of an article gets resourced by blog sites all over the place.

To top it all off, when the company responds to the allegations, the update gets relegated to the bottom, and the incendiary headline stays front and center.

Now, I'm all for transparency and I sure as hell want to know the truth. But I want the damn truth .. not just speculation and fear mongering/slander. For either side. Isn't that why we rely on journalists? For digging out the real story .. the full truth?

There are a very few journalists I take at face value .. they've earned my trust over the years. For the most part, however, I want to see a source so I can make an informed decision of my own.

I'm interested in what people think. It's entirely possible that I'm in the minority here.