Biased/unprofessional handling of Nokia's event by theverge?

I was a little taken back by how theverge seemed to handle Nokia's Lumia 1020 event.

As I was following the liveblog at work (lol), I was disappointed to see sarcastic or dismissive remarks like:

"The answer to the wireless charging question is really "because no one cares about wireless charging." -NP" (Err.... I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who thinks it's cool and genuinely useful?)

"So essentially, nothing else new to compete." (Or you could say, that the camera is the main feature of this phone… as we all expected)

"That is one expensive camera. -NP" (This sounds like an insult I'd find on the comment section)

"It's kind of amazing that Nokia keeps introducing very familiar pocket camera tech — manual controls, image stabilization, scene modes — as ultra-innovative in a phone. Justified, but consumers have had access to this tech in their point and shoots for a long time. -NP" (What's the point of this? This is cutting edge camera technology on a phone. Not a point and shoot. Why the negativity over something everyone else seems super excited about?)

And there’s probably a bit more I don’t feel like digging through. While I appreciate some of the lighthearted comments, a lot of it seemed immature and dismissive for a well respected tech site. I understand that commentary should be there, i.e I agree that the higher than expected price should be acknowledged, but not in the way that was done above. I don’t think it was reasonable.

Also in the interview (, I thought Nilay was a bit aggressive. Right off the bat it seemed like he wanted Elop to admit windows phone is inferior, and then later he seemed to implicate the device has no purpose. And wasn’t it obvious that this event was going to be more hardware than software? Nokia is a hardware company.

I do appreciate Nilay challenging Elop, but I think it was a bit far and maybe even disrespectful/unprofessional. Elop handled it well though, like a boss.

How did you guys feel about theverge’s coverage?