After all this time, why is rooting and loading custom ROMs so hard and confusing??

Lately, people seem to be more and more obsessed with phones running stock android(hence the Google Play Editions and possible the Moto X). Stock android is just so clean and pristine that people will do anything to try and put it on their phone. For those who are not familiar with rooting and loading custom ROMs, it is still a nightmare to try.

You would think that with android phones becoming more and more popular, the rooting community would gain a larger audience. Unfortunately, so many people are intimidated by how hard and frankly scary it can be to try and load custom ROMs onto your phone. Recently, I've tried to put CM 10.1 on my Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon. I searched the internets for a while trying to find an easy and quick way to do this, but to no avail. There seem to be so many different ways to do it and I'm not sure which is easiest or right. Plus, many of these websites look like they are from the early 2000's and have sketchy download links and huge warnings at the top of the page saying WARNING THIS MAY BRICK YOUR PHONE. I realize that it must be very difficult to make one simple guide with so many different android phones out there and different things that carriers do. I still feel that by now, and especially with the popularity of android, it should be much easier than how it currently is. Compared to jailbreaking this feels like a confusing game of luck, which could cause you to ruin your phone. I also realize that no one anywhere has any obligation to address this but please...