What are your most innovative Tasker profiles?


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I've been an Android user for about four years now, and I've been using Tasker for about as long. For those who don't know what Tasker is, let me explain. Tasker is a app that basically consists of profiles, which are used to identify device state, location, time of day, etc, and do certain actions (called tasks) based upon those profiles. For example, using the device state "WiFi Near" with my home WiFi SSID will set volume to high, bluetooth off, etc. This is a really basic profile provided as an example.


I've actually set up a couple of different tasks that work really well for me. One task (called Set Profile Menu) is just used to change between one of five profiles (Home, Work, Car, Sleep, and Video). In essence, it makes a menu (using the Menu command under the Alert action category) and the action upon clicking on a menu item is that a variable called Profile is set to one of those five values. This then tips off a profile called Set Profile that monitors the variable Profile for changes. After this, the task Change Profile switches the icon (more on this later), and changes the profile around to fit each scenario.

The nice thing about breaking this into two pieces is that you can have the profiles either change with or without user interaction. For example, I don't want to have to click the menu item for home when I'm near my home WiFi. I'd prefer it change automatically. There are times when I want to change the profile manually (for instance, when I've taken the day off of work, I don't want the work profile to be on). In this case, I've used the Tasker widget (annoyingly called "Task") to point to the "Set Profile Menu" task. So basically, if it's an automatic change, don't bring up the menu, if it's a manual change (i.e. clicking the switcher icon on my home screen), do bring up the menu.


I built a similar menu that works as a navigation hot menu for frequently-travelled places. It sets the phone in car mode (which enables GPS, turns on WiFi hotspot for our kids, etc), then opens a menu with links for home, work, and a few relative's homes.


When a text messages comes in with a certain keyword, the phone immediately locks, puts my Google Voice number up on the lockscreen (in case it's lost and not stolen), gets the current location (using GPS if available and net if not), and sends it back to the sender as a Google Maps link.


The final task responds to text messages, Facebook messages, Google Hangouts messages, email, appointment, etc by reading them aloud (if a headset is plugged in). For example, if I receive a Google Voice message, the notification might read "[Person's Name] [colon] [message]". The task uses the "Variable Split" function to split the %NTITLE variable (the notification title, a built in variable) using the colon. This puts the person's name into %NTITLE1 and the message into %NTITLE2. I then use the built in text-to-speech to say "New Google Voice message from %NTITLE1. The message says %NTITLE2."

So let me know if you've got any great ideas for tasks. I'd love to hear them!