IE11 Question-- Can someone on 8.1 test this?

Hey guys,

If you've ever snapped IE 10 to the side, you'll probably have realized that most sites aren't optimized for it (I've found one non-Microsoft website that plays nice with it, and it was great).

Anyway, we all know that's because they have the custom IE10 snap mode tag that developers have to put in their code (I know it's not supposed to be a lot of work, but it simply hasn't been happening).

So I was wondering if, in IE11, since the snaps are now resizable a lot more, the browser just passes its actual width to the site so that, if it's adaptive, it can adapt as it always would to a less wide screen.

One way to test this would be to go on one of The Verge's live stream pages. In Chrome on the desktop, if you decrease your browser window's width, the webpage will resize with it, up to what looks to be about 250-300 pixels wide, where you can't make Chrome any smaller. If you snap IE10 at 320 pixels, all you get is the zoomed out version because the proper markup isn't included.

So, is this different in IE11? Does it actually tell websites how wide it is the way Chrome does on desktop and let sites resize that way? Other sites you could test include The Next Web.

Thanks if anyone takes the time to do this; I don't have 8.1 myself, so I can't try it (not stable enough for my daily drivers, and I don't want to reinstall everything.)