Xbox One Pre-Orders beginning to sell out

If you Google: Xbox One Pre Order

You will begin to see a list of news sources verifying various retailers that have stopped accepting pre-orders for XB1.

The whole debacle between XB1 and PS4 and E3 reminds me of Initial D 3rd Stage Movie where the MR2 passes Takumi by jumping his car through the hairpin. And Ryosuke says that it was a super powerful move, but it was executed too early giving Takumi a chance to come back.

Ha, how this parallels. We still have 4-5 months to go before any console is released, that is a _mega_ton of time for things to be forgotten/cared less about.

Interesting times I say.

This isn't meant to be an Xbox vs PS4 thread. Please don't confuse, but this is more of a commentary on how views and opinions blow over once the mob mentality is destroyed and people have the opportunity to think for themselves without having a raging mob telling everyone what is best.

In my personal opinion, it will be hard for anyone who can only afford 1 console, to make a decision this time around. Your friends and group decisions will likely be the sway that causes you to go one way or the other I think. If not that, everything else being more or less equal it will come down to how much more you might like 'Party/Hosting/Local' [Xbox] vs 'Single Player' [PS4] experiences.