What keeps you faithful to your phone?

Good Morning,... Or afternoon..... Or night..... (Wherever you robots are)

I want to know what keeps you from switching from your current phone. (I don't want to know about your budget) this is strictly talking the pros and cons. What can't you give up from your selected device. We are not talking about Android but the actual device, if it's not a nexus or stock then what feature from that OEM keeps you faithful?

I asked because recently, after seeing that Moto X phone in Eric's hand I said to myself "I so want that phone" but then I thought about what I would lose. Here's what keeps me faithful.

1. Beats Audio

2. Blinkfeed

3. 1080p display

I could probably live without Blinkfeedd. BuI'm sure that the Moto X won't have banging sounds.