A Plea For Smaller Screens

With the release of the Samsung Mega I realized that this has just gone too far. Where the first bout of Android phones stuck to being just around 4 inches, we are now seeing phones that most people can hardly manage with one hand. With the Moto X taking things back to the 4 inch area, I'm starting to hope that other manufacturers take a bit of a hint.

Even Apple has started to mess up. As an Android user, I have to give props to the iPhone 4 for being the best feeling phone I have ever held. But now with the iPhone 5, I feel like the thing is going to fall out of my hand. The width of the phone just doesn't compensate for the height in my opinion, and I would say that I have fairly average size hands.

Small Screen (3-4 inches)


  • easily pocketable
  • fit better in the majority of people's hands
  • considerably more usable with more hand
  • more condensed design process can make for innovative phones


  • smaller battery
  • less media intensive (a good thing in my opinion)


via www.prlog.org

Big Screen (4.1-7 inches and beyond)


  • colossal battery
  • media looks and feels amazing
  • typing is a dream
  • who needs a tablet?


  • try to fit that in your skinny jeans
  • large screen can make for atrocious battery (looking at you HTC)
  • can hardly use with one hand
  • they're all just giant rectangles

Any one else feel this way? It's like a rollercoaster, phones were getting smaller and then smartphones just had to show up and nearly quadruple the size of a closed Motorola Razr. Something's a little off here, and I'm hoping that the Moto X will be a gateway to the return of smaller, more sensical phones. My only concern has been that Google won't be able to integrate proper power management with its next iteration of vanilla Android. Efficient battery may be one of the most important specifications of any smartphone.

Death to the oversized smartphone!