Google and the Moto X

Since the comments on the article about Schmidty with the Moto X got very off topic, I wanted to pose a question here.

Do you think the Moto X is the true start of Google fighting the carriers and forcing competition/innovation?

If this phone lives up to some of the rumors along with what has been said about Android 5.0, I think this could really shake things up with good marketing. I've seen a few people in the forums here mention things about how Google is trying to make everything you do on your phone a service that is independent from carrier control to force the carriers in the future to just provide a data connection. Hangouts, Google Voice, etc. They bought WhatsApp did they not?

Just curious to see what we can come up with.

From an Apple fanboy that loves Android more than the iPhone by far and thinks Google is innovating right now, please keep it civil and on topic.