Moto X Might Redefine "Midrange"

The rumours are all pointing to the Motorola X being a midrange phone by our slightly crazy 2013 standards. Dual-core, smallish 720p display, average 10MP camera, ect. This has caused a lot of the more hardcore crowd to dismiss it as a midrange hunk 'o junk. I think this is a little premature.

For one thing, one of the best selling phones on the market has 2 cores and a very small 640p display. For another, Google isn't stupid. I've heard rumblings that the 4.3 leak is significantly more efficient with RAM than 4.2, and by the time it's finished and released, battery life and stutteryness might see a similar boost. Motorola has a reputation for making phones with great reception, battery life and build quality; pair that with a more efficient version of stock android and you wind up with a pretty compelling package. If they hit the rumoured price-point of $299 and the display doesn't suck (which is a huge if right now, I can admit), they have a chance to knock it out of the park.

At that price, you can pair it with the spec monster that the new nexus 7 is supposed to be and come out $150 ahead of the game compared to buying a GPE S4. This makes sense because gaming, reading and watching videos are all better on a 7" display, while a phone is easier to hold and has better battery life with a <5" display. If the display is on par with an iphone 5 or One X, no one will complain without sounding like a loser. If the processor & OS are fast enough, no one will complain that they can't shoot 4K video that they can't consume or burn through benchmarks like its going out of style. It'll definitely have LTE this time. You can make a surprising number of compromises and still have a no-compromise phone. I'm expecting to hear them say that Android has matured a lot in the marketing for this phone.

Between stock android and great hardware, I have a sneaking suspicion that you'll be able to get more in an android phone, but you won't be able to get a better android phone. Besides, what other phone comes with the option for a lime green back?