Why do companies choose lame names? Suggest better names.

May be this has been discussed over and over again but software products from MS and hardware devices from Nokia need better names.

In that view I feel, "Nexus" fits in pretty well for Google line of devices and "Galaxy" is one awesome name. I am not happy with naming scheme of HTC either!

I think sometimes the software products need serious rebranding, since it has the advantage of creating a fresh new image of the product, in the mind of users & also feels like a fresh start for developers as well, by shedding off all the legacy.

Here are my suggestions:

1. Windows Phone OS : Not many like the word "Windows" on their phones. I know MS wants to make people feel, phones run the same mobile version of desktop windows, but its definitely creating a wrong image in the mind of shoppers. Many think the phone will crash & will be struck with virus like their traditional desktops. Of course this is only one of the many silly reasons store guys say to avoid WP!!

My suggestion is to call it "Apollo". I know it has been a codename for WP8 but hey, that was one very cool name for WP. Just sad that MS chooses not to use it publicly for the update.

2. Internet Explorer : If there is one product in the history of software industry which needs rebranding desperately then it is Internet Explorer. IE10 is super smooth browser and in my personnel usage on Windows 7, I have had no problems with it whatsoever. IE11 seems to be a much more advanced version on Windows 8.1 with a very nice feature set as well.

But the general user will never use IE for same rendering problems and other nonsense which longer are true.

Solution: Just give a fresh start by renaming it.

My suggestion is to call it "Discoverer".

3. Lumia : Although I am not particularly sad about it but using Finnish names for their products doesn't seem to going right for Nokia. Nokia is an international brand and Lumia Phones sell across the planet. Giving a lame name like "Lumia" seems to be very illogical.

I think its better if Nokia continues with calling their phones just with numbers. Something like Nokia 920 instead of Nokia Lumia 920. Or Nokia must get back to their N Series naming scheme which was pretty awesome as well.

So what are your suggestions?