How I think Apple can improve the iOS 7 icons + mockup.

Before iOS 7, the built in app icons were inconsistent. Some icons had gradients (Camera) and others didn't (Reminders). Some had gloss (Messages) and others didn't (Calendar). Some had borders (Settings) and others didn't (Notes). You get the idea.


So when iOS 7 came out, Apple made a big deal over improving the icons to make them more consistent. But I think they still are rather inconsistent.


Take a look and you'll see why. Some apps have flat backgrounds (Safari, Compass, etc.) and others have gradients (Phone, Music, etc.). And other apps with gradients have reversed the direction of the gradient (Mail, Weather). Additionally, apps like Passbook have shadows and depth, and Game Center has gloss on the bubbles.

So how do I think Apple can improve these icons?

Usually, when I see mockups, they look nice initially, but then you realize they're just a throwback to the older icons. For example, they'll change the App Store emblem back to its original size, which goes against Apple's new grid system. Additionally, the inconsistencies are still there. I wanted to make icons which are realistic and something Apple could actually do.

I think Apple's design is just fine, it's just a little fine tuning that needs to be done. And so, I'm just making a minor change to it, which I feel makes the icons WAY better.

Of of the top of my head, I cannot think of a single place where there is a gradient in iOS 7 in menu bars, buttons, etc. So why are there gradients on the icons?

So what Apple should do is take the "middle" color of the gradient on each icon and make it one flat color across the entire background of that icon.

I made a mockup of the new icons and made a new homescreen. I can't seem to find out how to upload local files so I added it to my flickr account here:

And here's a comparison of the old home screen to the new one I made:

As you might have seen, I have not yet done anything to the Game Center icon because whatever I do, it looks bad. Maybe I'll get it eventually and if I do I'll update this. Also I've not done anything to Stocks because I think it looks fine the way it is.

How do you like it? Please offer constructive criticism only (don't say, "It sucks"). I hope you'll like them.