Did Google Purposely Delay 4.3 to Prove the Moto X?

Motorola has had a poor record on updates and the Moto X will be the first true Google managed phone.

It's not a Nexus device but people are eager to see how it will update.

What if Google delayed 4.3 so it could release shortly after the Moto X release and prove to everyone that Motorola will now have a great update record?

The rumors also indicate low bloatware, which might also mean Google negotiated faster updates with carriers.

The other flagships like iPhone and Galaxy S get $400-$500 in subsidies. If Motorola sold the X to carriers for $400 and got an on contract price of $100, the subsidy would only be $300 and the carriers mat have given some leeway in exchange for such a low subsidy on a flagship phone.

It seems plausible doesn't it?