What would be good for a Nokia 1020 follow-on?

I like what they've done with this phone and think it looks great, but it still makes me think of what might come next.

The obvious is what is known and rumored to be coming in future WP8 upgrades. In terms of hardware, that can mean higher-res screens and newer, better silicon. And Nokia has been rumored to be working on large screen phablets.

Here's what I would personally consider to be a killer phone:

Start with the 1020.
Give it a bigger, 1080p screen like the Galaxy Note or Xperia phablets.
Upgraded specs, quad-core, etc.
Give it an integrated pen, like the Note.
Have wireless charging built-in.
Expandable storage slot.
More integrated storage.
Tripod mount, if possible, built-in.

I'd like to see some new and improved apps for all this hardware, like OneNote and art or retouching apps that support the pen and large screen.

And do it by Christmas. :)

I know a lot of people wouldn't want this, because they don't care about some of these features, or that their inclusion means a bigger, heavier, phone, but I do.

The other thing is that Nokia might need to avoid upsetting buyers of the 1020 by releasing an upgraded model in the same form factor too soon after this one's release. What's generally the consensus on release cycles that people are okay with their phones being made obsolete? Making an upgraded device, but significantly different might alleviate that concern.

Anyway, what would you like to see from a future Nokia phone featuring this standard of camera?