What's next for Nokia Lumia?

So here's the timeline of the WP8 Lumia lineup. International phones only. To be honest, I have no idea why Nokia would spend all the effort to produce a phone that they only plan to sell in the USA. You call it a variant, but there's a big difference between the 810, 820 and 822. If anyone can give me a reasonable explanation I'd genuinely like to hear it.

Anyway, on to the timeline:

Lumia 920, announced Sep 2012, released Nov 2012

Lumia 820, announced Sep 2012, released Nov 2012

Lumia 620, announced Dec 2012, released Jan 2013

Lumia 720, announced Feb 2013, released Apr 2013

Lumia 520, announced Feb 2013, released Apr 2013

Lumia 925, announced May 2013, released Jun 2013

Lumia 1020, announced Jul 2013, unreleased (expected release Jul 2013)

7 phones is now one too many. None of them, including the 920, is discontinued. I hope that they release successors to replace the older phones, instead of continuing to release new ones alongside. Starting with the 920 and 820 of course.

Although, what would they release next? Their next phone HAS to be a successor to one of the 7 phones, 7 is already too many choices. It wouldn't make sense to replace the 920, their two newest phones (925 and 1020) are flagships that seem to be doing just that. So most likely they'll release a successor to the 820. (Which wouldn't cause much a buzz, would it?)

If you ask me, I'd like to see the next lineup from Nokia being the 825, 725, 625, 525, and eventually, the 1025. They should follow the design language of the 925. That would make plenty sense, although it's just my hopeful guess.

Could you imagine if they came up with an 8th phone though? Can you imagine anything lower than the 520 or higher than the 1020? Perhaps a 420 with a 3.5" screen, that'd wouldn't be too bad actually, but besides the screen they can't possibly take away more features from the 520.

I'm currently using as the 520, and personally I've been waiting since forever for something like the 820 to come in a smaller form, perhaps as small as the 520.

Just want that 1GB RAM in a small 4.0" WP8 body, how hard is that?