Predictive has a VERY annoying flaw

OMG. . .

If I see my ex's name in my phone one more time I might bust. I feel so sorry for someone who might be trying to get over a heart break, and Google Now has not figured out that you no longer need the time to arrive at your Ex house. It keeps prompting you and boiling up emotion. However I don't have that problem, my problem is with swift key. This morning I was sending my father a message to let him know his ex wife (My mother) will be by to pick up some money for me (No it's not for a new phone, however it is for my bill) lol I have such nice parents. As I type "Good Morning" the keyboard automatically finished it off with my ex's name. . . . . . it popped up in the bar. I guess it's use to me always typing Good morning to my ex. Well we broke up 6 freaking months ago. I'm sure I have said good morning to many other people, why is it bent on using my ex's name. I don't even think there is a way that I can erase the name 100%.

These are just two examples of why predictive text can annoy the crap out of someone. Is it truly learning you or just storing info and using it.

Next, it took Google Now about a month to realize that I have a new office. It kept telling me time to get ready for work, when I have not been to that Hotel in like a month. It's now realizing that I'm at a new hotel. Anyways, that can be edited so I guess it's not a big deal.

Rant over. Might be installing a new keyboard.....suggestions?