Surface Pro Overview

Hey guys, I'm working on getting more involved on YouTube and have been working on my video editing abilities quite a bit lately with my latest video being a Surface Pro Overview.

I'm looking for some feedback... I have pretty thick skin so good or bad, if you have the time (about 3 minutes) could you take a look? Thanks for your time!

UPDATE: I gave narrating a video a shot to see if it was more viable than just throwing a music track to a video. I know my annunciation kind of blows (I'm from the south... finishing words isn't really our thing, haha)and I speak in kind of a weird meter, but content is more of what I'm after.

I'm assuming my speech will get better in time and as I get more comfortable reading out loud (I had to type up a script because my ad-libbing was taking me on some crazy tangents!), but is the content at least worth listening to?