Is the Nexus 7 a good buy?

I've made a similar post months ago when I was sure I would never have any need for any kind of tablet at all. Well as it turns out, I was pretty wrong. A few months later after noticing how other people use their tablets I've seen that there is much more than just novelty to these devices. The reason I thought I'd never need a Tablet is mainly because I already have a series 3 Chromebook, which is considerably small and light, and pretty much a very portable device. However, It's not something I would take on a short car trip, nor is it something I'd take when visiting others, and it isn't really something I'd take around the house when I just need to do some quick browsing or watching videos. For this sort of thing I have my phone, which I love to pieces, but I often find myself wanting something a bit bigger, that is still portable to a decent degree. Yeah, I had myself a little bit of a no-brainer kind of revolution. TABLETS ARE JUST WHAT I NEED! So, of course being so immersed in the Google experience I quickly looked into their Nexus line of tablets, the Nexus 7 and 10. The Nexus 7 was the device that seemed to work best for me, it is bigger than my phone, but it is still small enough that I could pocket it if I was wearing some cargo pants. In other words, super portable while still offering the extra size I want. So my question is, is the $199 Nexus 7 worth the cost? I've heard a lot of mixed opinions on the device, and while I know it isn't nearly as quality as the Nexus 10, I still prefer the 7 due solely to size, and less so, price. I am open to the suggesting of other tablets besides the Nexus line, android or not, however if you do suggest an Android tablet, I'd like you to keep in mind I really like the stock experience. Thank you for any help offered.