How many Google services do you use regularly?

I was making a chart of it for my own interests, and realized the topic has relevance around here. On an unrelated note, as I fall dangerously in love with Google services and the continuous client experience, I find myself increasingly eager for an ARM (or at least Haswell) Pixel refresh next year, or something comparable this year. I'm ready to go all in, at least for awhile, but I feel like people who aren't even considering that leap probably use more than a few Google services regularly, perhaps exclusively.

* = daily
** = weekly
+ = exclusive provider for this type of service

Nexus 4 *+
Android *+
Google Search Engine *+
Google Now (includes Google Voice Search) *+
Google Maps *+
Google Drive *+
Google Docs * (+ if you consider it a cloud-document service)
Google Play Music All Access*
Google Keep **+
Chrome Browser *+
YouTube *
Gmail *+
Hangouts **
Navigation **+
ARM Chromebook Pixel ###

— total = 15
— daily = 12
— weekly = 3
— exclusive = 11