Is this a tech site or a business site?

I've just realised that a large - probably the largest - part of articles, videos, forum posts and comments on the Verge don't discuss things from a technological or user's point of view, but from a business point of view. It's all about what moves specific tech companies make and how these moves might positively of negatively affect their (financial) success.

Which I think is really weird, since the Verge is officially a website that covers "technology, science, art and culture": There's a lot of interesting stuff the Verge publish on science and culture, but on the technology side of things both the authors and the readers community seem to care more about the companies' internal business than about tech from a user's point of view. I wonder how many of those people are actually involved in tech business.

What I'm trying to say is that even though tech business and internal strategies of tech companies can be quite entertaining to speculate about, I think this site and its community should focus on what's really relevant to its readers and their lives: technology. Of course business is an important aspect of that, because it 's what defines the technology we use, so I think that general developments in the tech market should be covered. But questions such as "Should company X partner with company Y?" or "Will product X help company Y increase their sales?", or even more specific questions such as "Should company Z rename their product line for better marketing?" are only relevant to people who are involved in those companies or businesses. There are two kinds of people involved in the Verge website and forums: authors, who are experts in journalism and technology, and readers, who are experts in using technology. And for some reason they all see themselves as product managers in one of the big tech companies.