The Dock Sucks

I am a relatively new OS X user, having just started using it as my primary operating system in March. I love a lot of things about OS X for sure, but the one thing that kills me is how awful the dock is compared to the Windows taskbar.

Here are my complaints:

  • Why does clicking application icons only bring them to the front? I love that on windows, clicking an application minimizes it when the application is already at the front. Often it's a lot more convenient than hitting the minimize button.
  • There's no glanceable way to tell if you have multiple windows of an application open. This is really annoying if you ever get pop ups in chrome or whatever and they get pushed to the background as you have nothing to tell you that there's another window open.
  • I don't really understand why windows minimize into little icons on the right-hand side (by default, I know you can change it to minimize into the icons) other than to show that you have a window minimized. If this information was somehow conveyed on the application icons then there would be no need for the mini-window preview icons that take up an obnoxious amount of space on the dock.
  • I also don't really understand what the point of closing windows is if it doesn't quit the application, but I guess that's another issue altogether.
  • No application previews. Windows really does this well. Not only can you see a window in real-time by hovering over the application icon, but hovering over the preview will temporarily bring the window into focus. It's absolute genius.
  • Similarly, the desktop peek feature on the taskbar works better than enabling a "show desktop" hot corner in OS X. Not quite a dock issue I suppose, but the animation is less jarring and the hot corner isn't so sensitive that I ever need to worry about my pointer accidentally finding its way over there.
  • Stacks don't quite exist in the same sense on windows. I think it's a great feature except I don't understand why you can't right click items in a stack. That basically defeats any convenience this feature might have added over just pinning folders to the taskbar.

I just felt like ranting, and yes I am aware that there are programs like hyperdock and dockview that give me application previews. I've tried them and they are buggy/poorly implemented. It's also another application I need to make sure is always running rather than what should be a built in system feature.