Moders, and electrical wizards, how difficult would it be to have my dream phone custom made?

I miss the flip phone, but I love smart my smart phone and I love Android. I was thinking how silly it is that we are making phone slabs as big as 6.4" like the new Sony Xperia ZU ( which i think is awesome BTW) but I was thinking I would love to have something like a Samsung Galaxy S-4 but with a second screen that flips down.

Imagine, a 10" tablet in your pocket! how awesome would that be. I am not big on tablets I think they are too big and not very useful. I own a Nexus 7, I've owned several Samsung tablets and ipads and the only thing that's ever become of them was they became really expensive toys for my kids. I use my Macbook Pro at home, and my Macbook Air at work and my smart phone for all times in between.

Personally, I think 5" is the magic number for a phone but I think if we could get over our obsession with thinness we could make a sick phone with two screens! The bottom half of the phone is the internal goodies, and the top, like a normal flip phone screen. You open it up and you got a sick awesome phone.

My question is this. I would love to do this. I would donate a Samsung Galaxy S-4 and an extra original screen for it, but how difficult would it be to find someone to

THIS is what I want it to look like ( basically ) I know Ben Heck does mods for hire but I don't think he ever did anything like this, does anyone know of anyone who could do it? [1]