Moto X Features and Specs leak

What matters:

  • The Camera is good. Not HTC One good, but very capable.
  • Battery life is great: 4 hours on, 90 minutes screen time, still at 68%.
  • Saying “Okay, Google Now” opens it up for search. This is the “always on” feature.
  • There is a MotoID account, like a Samsung or HTC would have. You can use your Google info to sign in. No need to create a special profile.
  • The test software was Android 4.2.2
  • Typical Motorola build quality, meaning really nice and sturdy.

What doesn’t matter:

  • 4.4” Screen, 720p, 320dpi
  • Battery size is around 2,000mAh, though no official word yet. (We think 2,100mAh is likely)
  • The model tested came with 16GB storage, and 11.9 available.
  • 10MP camera

source from Android Authority