Google-Centric Show & Tell

I just started playing with NFC tags to build sort of a fun workflow and realized that I'm probably not close to using NFC to it's potential. Below is a repost of my work station from the Workplace Show and Tell pool on Flickr. Any cool or unique examples of using NFC or tasker? Post yours below! "

Wherever I am, this is my station. (You can see the higher resolution cleaner image here.)

1. This is my Samsung Chromebook, a zippy 11.6" thin and light Chrome OS laptop with 6 hrs. of battery life. I supplement it's meager 16 GB of storage with a 32 GB Sandisk Cruzer Fit which is about the size of a Logitech Mouse and Keyboard dongle. It never has to come out of the device, even when transported.

The Cruzer Fit also doubles as a portable apps launcher that I can use on any other computer. It can launch a portable client of Chrome (with all of my extensions/apps), Open Office, uTorrent, 7zip, and Gimp and shares all of it's storage with the Chromebook.

2. The HTC One tends to do a lot of my daily heavy lifting. It can function as an NFC capable portable hotspot (More of that in no. 6). It is my camera, prefered note reader and sometimes note taker and Google Wallet. I even use the phone to pay for coffee when I set up my work station.

3. My Karma Hotspot! I wish this company would hire me as an evangelist. The idea behind it is this: You pay for the device and get given a small pool of data. Each time you share your connection with someone else, you gain 100 mb of data and so does the person connecting. You can buy additional data at $14 per GB but they run frequent promotions where this data is only $10. The device itself has 6-8 hrs. of battery life.It runs on the WiMax Clear network so I occasionally still have to wirelessly tether.

4. Evernote rules everything around me. I'm a constant note taker and many of my ideas come in the form of doodles and arrows that I put down in this Moleskin. This is an Evernote Smart Notebook. It's my prefered method of note taking because the notes, doodles, sticker tags are all indexed with OCR and dropped off in my Evernote account seconds after I snap a picture with the app. I even used Skitch to edit the picture for this post.

5. At home, to keep my work station small, I use a C Table. It's great for small spaces and is the perfect height no matter where you are sitting. I highly recommend a C Tables to anyone that would get neck or back strain with a laptop sitting on their lap or hunched over a desk.

6. NFC and the NFC Task Launcher app tie everything together. With a single tap while away I am able to launch into wireless tethering to give the Chromebook the wifi it needs or to activate Airdroid and remote into my phone and handle any task I need to. There is a second tag in the Moleskin to launch the Evernote page camera. You can get cheap NFC stickers here.

7. Not pictured is my Nexus 7, which is my prefered reader and editor for documents and RSS feeds. I think this setup is easy after it's initial setup, it can be deconstructed and substituted and I'm happy to share my example. If anyone has any questions that I may have missed please ask in the comments.