Wireless Charging

Sorry for the mess of words here. I'm Vietnames.

Not wasting any time, here's the question:

So Lumia 920 allows us to charge "wirelessly", but the recent Lumia 1020 doesn't. Maybe due to the complex camera, Nokia doesn't want more thickness. But Lumia 920 is much thicker than iPhone, and I think a little bit thicker with the new iPhone is not a problem with me. I really hope the 5S could help me charge it in an easier way.

I appreciate the wireless charger, but I want it smaller and more customized. And the space could be wider.

The lightning dock is OK with me, but with this battery , it seems a little bit "itchy" for me to find a socket and wait for about 4 hours.

You may call me stupid because I don't have a case help me do. But that's alright, I don't even have such an iPhone! I am just a dummy who spends time wandering on tech sites and arguing with who I never know, phones I haven't ever touched. :)

However, Do you hope so?